2020 Vision

Building Project -
building better spaces for the local community

A Snippet of History

St. Mark's opened its doors in 1953 and immediately proved popular. On completion of the Halls in 1956, groups began to meet including Birdwood Nursery which continues here after more than 50 years. Linking corridors and rooms were added some 40 years ago and the present kitchen and foyer about 20 years ago. (read more of our history here)

What is our 2020 Vision Project?

Our mission is to reach out to and serve our local community, encouraging connections between people and opportunities to be part of our wider church family serving God's purpose.

Our aims are to continue to develop St Mark's place in the heart of the neighbourhood to meet local needs as they grow and change with the years and to encourage other community groups to use our premises. The many groups already meeting here include people of all ages and encompass a nursery school, lunch club, Girlguiding groups, drama, art and craft, singing and dance, pilates, yoga and keep fit. (view our Activities page here)

About 5 years ago, we knew we had to undertake replacement of a leaky flat roof and modernisation of the kitchen and toilets but quickly recognised the potential to do more than just renovate.

Our community deserves the best and we devised the 2020 Vision Project to meet the needs of users, old and new, for safety, security and flexibility.

Church members and friends overwhelmingly supported outline proposals, an architect was appointed and planning permission granted in 2017.

What are we going to do?

Side Entrance to churchIn addition to the much needed refurbishment, this exciting project will provide a new welcome and meeting area for all, a lovely new room for meetings and smaller worship services as well as a brand new kitchen and toilets, creating a building fit for purpose now and for the next generation.

We expect the building work to take 26 - 28 weeks and plan to start in April 2019.

This will affect groups currently meeting at the church and group organisers are being consulted on the effects on their activities.

We hope that these improvements will create spaces for a coffee shop and further opportunities for people to get together.

How are we managing to do this?

(Larger plan view available here). (Larger Front Plan view available here).

Planning and fund-raising sub-groups of Church Council have worked tirelessly over the last 4-5 years and have been blessed by the work and support of so many individuals and groups without whom this project could not have succeeded and to whom grateful and heartfelt thanks are due.

Organisations which are providing generous financial support through grants and donations include:-

Allchurches Trust, Beatrice Laing Trust, Louis Baylis (Maidenhead Advertiser) Charitable Trust, Garfield Weston Charitable Foundation, Methodist sources (Connexion, SE District, Thames Valley Circuit and local churches), Persimmons Homes, Prince Philip Trust, Shanly Foundation

Reaching target costs of £551,000 has, at times, seemed an overwhelming challenge but our own efforts have raised £272,000 and grants received to date total £155,000. Further grant applications are in progress and more fund-raising remains to be done but the outstanding costs will be met through generous loans promised by groups and individuals.

As the project progresses to the implementation phase, regular updates can be viewed here

FUNdraising events

When we started, we promised to put the FUN into Fundraising and we've been doing that regularly with quizzes, concerts, lunches, BBQs, pantomimes, garden parties, treasure hunts, sponsored swims and raffles for huge Easter eggs and we'll continue to give enjoyment to many with more of these well into the future.

Find out about future fundraising events here.

How can you help?

We know we are supported in prayer and that is something you could do to support us whether or not you feel able to do anything else.
Your financial help can be offered in many ways, including:

  • Attending our fund-raising events.
  • Holding a fund-raising event. Eileen Chislett (01628 625720) has a host of ideas, both great and small or why not be part of the fundraising team having fun working together, meeting new people, spending time with old friends, and enjoying a sense of achievement.
  • Making a one-off donation or an on-line gift through Golden Giving (here).
  • Making on-line purchases from a host of shops/organisations at no extra cost to you through using TheGivingMachine. Select "The Giving Machine" tab above to see how it works. (link to GM)
  • Pledging a regular gift - contact Ed Filmore (01628 623263) or e-mail info@stmarksmaidenhead.org.uk
Cheques should be made payable to St Mark's Crescent Methodist Church.

If you pay tax, the church can reclaim tax paid on donations under the Gift Aid scheme which means that, for every £10 given, the church receives a further £2.50 at no extra cost to donors.

Please use Gift Aid envelopes marked BUILDING FUND available at the church.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path"
Psalms 119:105